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Driving innovation

I O N I Q hybrid

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The future is here

I really admire the elegance and simplicity of IONIQ. It looks futuristic and inside, it's brimming with innovative features. IONIQ slices through the wind like no other car aided by its low coefficient of drag that allows me to enjoy a whisper quiet ride and great fuel efficiency.


Feel that emotional connection

IONIQ's interior is a masterpiece of emotional design: elegantly simple and pleasant to the touch but packed with innovative features such as wireless phone charging. The D-cut steering wheel provides a sporty look but also makes for easier entry and egress.

Aluminum hood and liftgate

In order to attain the best possible fuel efficiency, IONIQ was put on a diet: IONIQ's hood and liftgate are fabricated from weigh-saving aluminum instead of traditional steel. Hot stamping, high-tech adhesives and other innovative manufacturing methods were adopted to reinforce safety critical structures. 


Dual clutch transmission

IONIQ is equipped with a dual clutch transmission that puts the fun into driving in sports mode, the DCT lets me shift as much as I like. At anytime, I can just switch to automatic mode and enjoy a more relaxing drive. Either way, gear changes are lightning fast, and manual mode gives me sporty performance without the bother of a foot clutch. IONIQ really does put excitement into hybrid driving.     

7-airbag system

My passengers and I enjoy complete protection thanks to 7-airbags: a pair of front airbags for my front passenger and I, plus an airbag for my knees. A pair of side airbags (front only) and full-length curtain airbags defend against side collsions.

The best of both worlds

Under IONIQ's hood two hearts beats as one: a 32kW electric motor and a Kappa 1.6-liter Atkinson GDi engine. IONIQ switches seamlessly between the conventional engine and electric motor. Gasoline direct injection extracts the maximum amount of energy from each droplet of fuel while delivering 105PS.


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