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Urban Vibes

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Color the city

with your own variety of colors

Amist peaceful moments with friends during the day, and all the excitement of meeting new people at night, Venue enriches every aspect of your daily experience. Spend more time with your Venue. 

Proudly, have confidence in yourself 

Venue's bold cascading grille flaunts a traditional SUV image. Iconic design elements ensure the vehicle bridges the line between stylish and sporty.

You're special and you know it

Exuding uniqueness in a dynamic urban city full of excitement, you always deserve respect. A two-toned Venue arrests everyone's attention and establishes a formidable presence.


Make sure you Keep your rhythm.

Venue's safety has been technologically enhanced. Its high-tech airbag system detects the presence of passengers and the degree of collision severity comprehensively to deploy airbags in a collision, and its Advanced Driver Assistance System helps prevent accidents

Connect the city with your own

An openness-focused horizontal layout blends in with iconic design elements to form a unique interior space. Venue's advanced infotainment system offers greater user convenience by supporting phone connectivity (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) for intuitive operation of the most commonly used smartphone functions.      

Wake up all your senses

Venue introduces advanced technologies that enhance driver confidence and convenience to stay ahead of the competition. Venue's advanced infotainment system features an 8-inch Display Audio touchscreen system and rearview monitor. The multi-dimensional and sporty instrument cluster makes information easily visible while the three-dial air-conditioning controller offers easy and intuitive control-these iconic design elements come together to create a unique image.

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